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Location: London Bridge Experience, London, UK SE1 2SY United Kingdom


  • In the vaults of 2000 years of history at the world-famous London Bridge
  • Perfectly located to explore nearby sights  
What's Included
  • Entry to The London Bridge Experience
What's Excluded
    Experience London’s gruesome history and a time that was an age of adventure, uncovering the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most famous haunted bridge. The London Bridge experience is an interactive walk through experience with live actors that play characters from the past 2000 years of London bridge History. It is funny, historical and educational. This ain’t one for the faint-hearted. Relive the history of London’s murky past in this interactive experience. Travel back in time to an age of adventure, uncovering the dark secrets that lie beneath the worlds most famous and haunted bridge. Laugh, scream and cheer your way through 2000 years of history. A multi-sensory experience, you will see, hear and smell what London Bridge was like throughout the ages.
    Cancellation Policy
    Non Cancellable
    Know before you go
    Children aged 4 and under are given free entry to The London Bridge Experience but we would not recommend bringing children of this age We do allow for woman who are pregnant to enter however it is at your own discretion and we do not recommend it for women in late stages of pregnancy, or people with heart problems, of a nervous disposition or who have epilepsy or claustrophobia. The London Bridge Experience is normally okay as it is a walk-through experience with live actors playing characters from London’s history. This section is more funny & historical than scary; however, it can be dark in places. We strongly advise not entering the Tombs as it can be very dark with strobe lighting and the path can be uneasy at times. You are asked if you would rather leave before entering The Tombs section.
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