About this Experiences


  • Thrilling adventures
  • Panoramic elevator 
  • Panorama 52 restaurant
  • Outdoor glass slide from level 53 down to level 52
What's included?
  • Access to Address Sky Views Observatory 
  • One complimentary glass slide per ticket
Important Information
  • Please note minors under 18 years of age require consent from their parents in person.
  • Weight requirement for the glass slide experience is 50 to 100 kg.
  • Height requirement for this experience is between 130 – 210 cm.
  • Please notify the Sky Views staff of any disability, intellectual or physical, that would prevent you from completing the physical and mental tasks throughout the experience.
  • Directions: Sky Views can be accessed through The Address Sky View, the latest addition to The Address Hotels & Resorts five-star luxury brand. Tower 1, entry point next to resident entrance.
  • Adjacent to the Dubai Metro and the public walkway system and situated at the junction near Sheikh Zayed Road and The Dubai Mall, Sky Views is a conveniently accessible landmark.
  • Visitors in wheelchairs are welcome although service animals are not allowed.
  • Keep in mind that attractions like the Edge Walk and Glass Slide are not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
Cancellation Policy
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or refunded
Terms & Conditions
  • Weight: 50 – 100kg
  • Height between 130 cm – 210 cm.
  • Only one-time slide per ticket.
  • Stamped ticket cannot be used again for the sky slide.
  • Participants should wear modest, comfortable clothing – no skirts, dresses, no high heels, shoes, or shoes with sharp metal edges that can damage the glass.
  • A special rug/mat must be used during the sliding experience, and instructions given by the Sky Views supervisors must be followed.
  • Do not touch the glass during the slide journey.
  • Personal belongings, including mobile phones and sharp jewellery, must be removed and kept inside the pouch.
  • Do not slide on a lying position on your back or stomach.
  • Participants should not be under the influence of narcotics, spirits or any other substances that impair judgement (e.g. medicine).
  • Participants should be free from severe physical or mental disorders that would not allow them to complete the physical and mental tasks asked throughout the ride.
  • One person only at a time can use the slide.
  • Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to the scheduled visit.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Responsibility for inclement weather conditions affecting visibility is hereby disclaimed.
  • Entry timings and/or ticket prices may be changed, varied or amended without notice or liability.
Sky Views Observatory - Ticket Options

Sky Views with Glass Slide

Adult Price : 80 Activate PRO and get for AED 75
Child Price : 65 Activate PRO and get for AED 60
Sky Views with Glass Slide admission tickets